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Bring it. I'll beat you at your own game.
"Gon, you are light... Sometimes, you shine so brightly I must look away.. But even so, is it still okay if I stay by your side?"


I’ve been too busy to draw lately mghegh
referenced the manga for some sketches

13001 guns


Dramatical Murder, Koujaku/Aoba.


If we’ve left the mountain in half an hour, I want you to kiss me on the cheek


Hisoka needs his own anime


my entries for the hq big bang of this year with mine! she wrote a very cute fic you all should read and i got to illustrate it, i had lots of fun doing this (and thank you for being patient with how slow i am at drawing)

Nen Users: Conjurers

Conjurers are typically high-strung or overly serious and stoic. They are often on guard as to be cautious. Being able to analyze things calmly is the strength of Conjurers.
Many of the items that conjurers create are often used by them in a very deliberate and practical, logical fashion.


these outfits are my end


ViVi 2014.06


- Illumi can be so boring sometimes…